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8 October
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"It's too late for the government to train me
to be a weapon. For someone to approach me on the street, and to
tell me I match a certain profile. I probably won't even learn
another language well enough to speak it fluently. Giant crazed
attack dogs won't ever suddenly act like scared puppies when they
see me. I won't ever be a grandmaster of chess, either. I don't
think at this stage I can even reasonably expect to make Expert.
There are some things I regret as I get older, I guess. There are
a ton of traditional ways to be bad-ass, and I missed the boat.
But that's okay. It just means I have to be more creative. And then
later that creativity will make people think I was an evil genius,
instead of just so desperate for a world with monsters that I didn't
mind becoming one myself. What I'm saying is - I stole an ice cream
cone yesterday from the 7-11 and I have no regrets at all."